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Yogant International Foundation

Ashram Life

Self Crystallization
Ashram Life
Intensive Courses

Diwali with Swamiji and Maya

We experience the beautiful healing presence of nature in peacocks, doves, tropical birds, flowers, plants, 9 healing trees, fresh air and sweet water. We greatly value our practice, the grace and guidence of our teacher and ourselves. Each day presents an opportunity to grow into our full potential as human beings. We work to bring balance and harmony to ourselves, environment and relationships. We enjoy visitors as they bring renewed energy and persepective into our lives.

An ashram is a hermitage of yogis and yoginis. It is a place to deepen one's spiritual practice (sadhana). We accept persons of a mature age and disposition. Any person wishing to retreat in the ashram will need to fill out an application and be accepted by Swamiji. We have limited facilities such as no cook or canteen. Persons in retreat will need to set up their own small kitchen or eat outside of the ashram. We work to accomodate the needs of serious spiritual aspirants and seekers.

A large part of our daily life is Seva (selfless service). This is giving of your time and effort make other people's lives happier and easier.  Through Karma Yoga and Seva we dedicate our actions to humanity and divinity, This process starts purification within the heart and mind and helps a person to become a more open and giving human being.


Swamiji telling stories

An example Schedule of the Ashram follows:

4 AM: Wake up, clean up

4:30 AM: Puja devotional practice and meditation

5:30 AM: Gentle Asana practice

6:30 AM: Tea

7 AM: Seva

8 AM: Full Bath and Breakfast

9 AM: Class, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Philosophy

10 AM-1 PM: Seva                

1 PM: Lunch and cleanup

2 PM: Rest Period

3-5 PM: Seva and Visitors

6PM : Puja and Meditation

7PM: Dinner

8PM: Reading Writing Studying

10 PM: Sleep



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Balyogi Premvarni Yogashram Trust Reg. 
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