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Student at Premvarni Ashram
Student at Premvarni Ashram

Yoga asana at bodhi tree

" I can only give 5% of my teachings in computer. If a person wants the full teachings they will have to come here." --Swamiji

Below is a brief outline of some of the main teachings of Swami Balyogi Premvarni Ji. They are only a small piece, the real value comes from the inner process of spiritual work that happens when a person lives with a spiritual Master. A Guru's goal for the student is to awaken the highest expression of the Self. Swamiji takes this responsibility very seriously. He integrates teachings in the most simple situations, allowing truth, purification and understanding to come throughout daily life. The process of Sadhana is not always an easy one but it is essential for a person seeking Self-awareness, enlightenment and liberation.


"A Guru is the guide and authority for all spiritual questions. He knows way to the top of the mountain. He comes down from the top to help others get there. How could he guide you if he did not come down to where you are?"--Swamiji



Written by Swamiji, how to love yourself and others without attachment, ego or fear.
What is divine love, and what is human love?
What is the purpose of love and sensuality?
How can we reach the state of our true selves which is Satchitananda, pure being, consciousness and bliss.



CONSCIOUSNESS is the radiation and expression of Self.
Mainly there are three levels of consciousness, waking, dreaming and deep dreamless sleep. What is the level beyond these states which is found in meditation and Samadhi?

ENERGY is the active expression of consciousness. There are 9 levels and qualities of energy

PRANA is the expression and form of energy. There are 10 expressions of prana.



Integral daily yogic work to purify the lower ego and emotions involving Karma Yoga, Self-study and the presence of the Guru to give advice and discipline. How to surrender negativity and emotions and become open to give love.
How to develop divine virtues and to understand the ego so it does not control you.



Healing by living with the rhythms and presence of nature.
Circle of healing trees,  flowers, birds, fresh air, pure food and water, moon and sun.
Understanding the cycles of life and taking care of your Self, the earth and others. Leaving a light footprint on the earth.



Union of the Male and Female energies within the body resulting in perfection and Self-Awareness. This inner balance of energy frees a person from dependency on the energy of the opposite gender for completeness. Samadhi is achieved by this state of equilibrium.


The female and male energies in men and women are not in balance
this creates an attraction in the physical body for the opposite sex.
If you are able to circulate your energy (Shakti) in a circle,
you will not need another woman or another man because your own female will meet and merge with your own maleand you will be the Whole and to be Whole is Holy,
this is Crystalisation. All the energies of Heaven and Earth,
light and dark, positive and negative are crystallized.
This openness is ownness. This is the Mystery of consciousness.
This is where Shakti meets Shiva.


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