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Sri Swami Balyogi Premvarni Ashram


Ashram Life

Friends and devotees describe their experience at Premvarni Ashram.

Swamiji and Students

Swamiji met my mother when he came to Berkeley in 1979. They liked each
other very much. At that time she was giving up driving due to vision
problems, so she loaned her car to Swamiji to use while he was in the Bay
Area. During the 1980's. In 1992 my mother died. I came to the Ashram after
that and Swamiji did a beautiful Puja for her. There were two Italian ladies
there and a few others. It was a lovely afternoon ritual that warmed my
-- Professor Alexander Pappas, California and Greece

My various stays in Swamiji Premvarni’s Ashram Yogant Foundation gave me a great occasion to learn about Yoga from a true yogamaster. Through Balyogi Premvarni’s example and teachings I experienced that yoga is a spiritual path completely interlinked with nature. Premvarni is a great master, wild and kind, totally intuitive and inspired. He’s not the one I wish to be but he’s the one who helped me be myself. -- Cornelia Kauhs, Clothing Designer and Yoga Teacher, Germany


I got Swamiji's name from somebody i met in Goa she told me that his ashram was special and different from the other places in Rishikesh.So I went to visit him. When I arrived at his ashram, he was already welcoming me at the gate coincidently and I could come in to have a closer look.


I felt a peacefull and sattvic atmosphere when I entered his ashram. It was well mentained with a beautifull garden with healing trees in it. I felt a heart energy surrounding him when i talked to him.In the beginning i just visited him daily, taking some fruits or flowers with me and you tought me about yoga, pranayama and the wisdom of the nine bodies.

Later I stayed in his ashram and slept there in one of the rooms he built for the retreat. It was a peacefull place, were I could do my Sadhana. I was there for 2 weeks. In the morning I woke up early around 6 o'clock, Swamiji and Deva woke up even earlier then i did. I did my yoga practice close to the healing trees, had a light breakfast and started my Karma Yoga in the garden.I watered the plants, cleaned the floors, and put a circle of stones around the healing trees.

During the day I had time to contemplate, to learn from Swamiji about the nine bodies, about the Bhagavad Gita and about Yoga. There were also moment of rest or swimming in the Ganges. The food Deva prepared was very tastful and healthy, thank you Deva for this.

Sometimes Swamiji would confront me with my behaviour in a strong way, that moved my emotions and was sometimes difficult for me. He told me that this was to attain more indifference emotionally. This was a hard part for me, because I am more somebody for the soft approach.

I was wearing Indian clothes at the ashram, sometimes white in color and that felt good and pure. When the two weeks were over, my energy level was more Sattvic and I felt shining.

I felt that I needed much more time to learn everything that Swamiji could teach me, but on the other hand the old patterns of the ego also resisted to the new life style and also longed for the normal live again.I kept in touch with Swamiji, and visited him another year to learn more. And I feel still a heart connection with him and would like to meet again.

Swamiji Thank you for the things you tought me and gave me, God bless you.

--With love and appreciation from Iris from Holland

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Sri Swami Balyogi Premvarni Ashram, Across Ganga, Jhula Road,
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